We provide a revolutionary Email Management solution for Podio, that replaces your outdated Outlook-based system with a custom and fully automated “conveyor belt” and puts you in total control of your business.

I started using SwiftMail for my email account a couple of months ago and I quickly stopped using Outlook completely. The ability to manage all of my emails from within Podio has been a huge breakthrough for my productivity! Swiftpod.io are one of our trusted partners, and SwiftMail is one of the core solutions we offer to our clients across the world.”

Jordan Samuel Fleming, Managing Director @ Gamechangers

Why we built it?

The idea to develop our own email integration for Podio first came to us, back in 2014, when we could not find any piece of software to satisfy our needs. From years of managing email streams for various types of businesses, we observed that certain bottlenecks appear, due to recurring manual work, lack of transparency and a high percentage of duplicate unnecessary emails.
Every customer is different, email is personal and everybody is used to it, so our goal was to come up with a revolutionary solution that makes users feel that their work has been structured and made easier.

What’s under the hood?

We provide an enterprise-ready and scalable solution featuring a high demand architecture that took over 2 years to develop.
We currently process over half a million emails every month, and none of them gets left behind, thanks to our fallback mechanism.
It is designed to be very adaptable and we can implement any type of custom features, fast, to complement the existing email flows in your business.

Everything is backed up in the cloud, all transactions are encrypted and the whole system has a high-security level.
Our team provides assistance and consulting and we also design workflows that save countless man-hours and minimize workload.
SwiftMail integrates with email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Mandrill, MailGun and many more.

Why a managed solution?

Our platform is not an out-of-the-box solution, meaning that we configure all components on your behalf at no extra cost while maintaining a highly flexible and tailored setup.
Once we adjust everything, you are good to go and you will always have us behind the scenes making sure everything works as expected.

SwiftMail enables you to set up a highly customizable email filtering system, sorted through views that can be ordered by status, type, responsible, category, department and so on.
We can design automated emails that get triggered when a certain rule is met and also integrate email content into custom workflows that manage inquiries, orders or any other type of customer request.

What about spam compliance?

Spam compliance is a serious matter and we assist and help with the configuration of your emails at server level, so every signature is installed and every detail is configured, in order to have full compliance with current email standards.

SwiftMail & OverView

Combined with OverView, our Dashboards & Reports extension for Podio, our integration empowers management and decision-making staff with insightful data, in order to help them analyze and make decisions based on actual facts. Managers will get dashboards and reports with real-time analytics about all the emails that go in and out of their departments, employee response times and many more KPI’s otherwise non-existent in other email managers like Outlook or Google Inbox.

So far, we successfully implemented our solution for various businesses around the world and we provide them high-end, secure and scalable systems for managing and queuing email streams.