Florida Cash Home Buyers is a local, Fort Lauderdale-based Real Estate Investment Company. The company was founded in 2011 and, as of Feb. 2016, they have processed over $23,000,000 in Real Estate transactions. This success has come from hard work, treating people properly and fairly, and from a proven record of conducting business in an ethical manner. They buy properties with cash in any price range or condition and help solve the problems of South Florida’s homeowners who need to sell their home for various reasons and do not want to spend thousands of dollars on closing costs or realtor commissions.


FCHB used Podio for a while, but they wanted to get more out of it, and that’s why they contacted us. During our initial audit, we had found the following issues:

  • There were too many flows in Globiflow, especially on the Sellers app that constantly led to errors
  • The Globiflow setup couldn’t be debugged properly which led to a large amount of time wasted
  • There were constant problems regarding the lead source and the Marketing app within multiple applications
  • The Sellers app fields were not properly optimized
  • The Integration with CallRail was not optimized and properly managed
  • Users had too many tasks and notifications that were generally hard to manage and to supervise
  • Podio was not properly leveraged when it comes to naming fields, adding help texts and optimizing application structure
  • Error reporting was not properly managed


After our initial assessment, we have implemented the following upgrades:

  • Improved Marketing app, in order to prevent leads to be related to a certain marketing campaign more than once
  • We advised making better use of the Help Text functionality in Podio
  • Improved debugging process by identifying the source of creation
  • Upgrades to the Sellers app by modifying current flows
  • We inserted Error Report functionality
  • Improved Tasks App with new flows in order to make sure no task gets left behind or forgotten
  • We also implemented work procedures that can be organized by roles to improve FCHB onboarding procedures and transform the organization into a scalable one
  • Improved Notifications Management system
  • Callrail Integration updates were also made by transforming current workflows to dynamic ones using the newly created app structure. We improved the SMS and Voicemail workflows in order to relate properly
  • Dashboard & KPI’s upgrades: One of the ways to improve FCHB financial results was by analyzing and taking decisions based on relevant KPI’s. For all the apps in Podio, KPI’s were defined in the Widgets app and afterward implemented into Swiftpod.io’s OverView Dashboards & Reports extension for Podio

“These guys are pretty savvy and they can build out whatever you want and they can do pretty high-level custom integrations for you as well if you need some high-level stuff that you wanna do that’s kinda outside of your league”

Gabriel Garcia, Co-Founder and Vice President FL Cash Home Buyers, LLC