Resource Management for Podio

Master the allocation of resources in Podio using our drag & drop scheduling tool

Our Podio Resource Planning tool enables you to schedule and manage all your assets, resources or bookings. And it gets the job done fast, really fast.

The recurring task of manually updating Podio schedules can often be challenging and also very time-consuming. Back in the day, it used to burn a lot of time for us, as well. That's why we came up with our shiny new Podio Resource Planning solution, because we believe that saving time is a critical issue for every business

Our Resource Management tool is architectured as a custom made scheduling application, designed specifically to interconnect with Podio and to help you increase your business performance. It has a two-way instant connection with Podio, so everything is synced back and forth between them instantly

Our Features include

  • Two-way Podio syncing drag & drop scheduler
  • Day/Week/Month/Year view
  • Color coded resources & events
  • Resource filters
  • Automatic status and content updates in Podio
  • Custom tailoring to fit every business model
  • Event workflows

Use Cases

  • Assigning orders to different team members and/or machines
  • Assigning cars to mechanics and elevators for an auto repair shop
  • Manage any type of appointments
  • Practically any work order can be assigned to any type of resource

The concept is simple: first you add and manage your resources in Podio, and then, through our lightning fast Drag & Drop Scheduler, you will plan and allocate your resources with just a few clicks

You will also have a 360 degree overview of your resource allocation, so that you'll be able to filter your resources or to zoom in and out, in order to have a crystal clear picture. Our framework is UX optimized and it will only take you just a few clicks and drags to plan out everything.

For every event in the app, we can also connect custom workflows, in order to achieve the ideal Resource Planning Solution, tailored for every business need or procedure. Last but not least, we can enhance the application according to any business requirements you might have, and we can also develop extra custom features for it