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Our vision is to provide Podio related Tools and Automations, at the highest level of quality, security and user experience possible, so that our customers can reap the full benefits of an effective and complete Podio Work Environment

We have a dedicated and specialized team of Podio Developers & Consultants, who can provide and assist you around the clock with any kind of support, architecture and custom Podio features

We work with Podio since the very beginning and it's a great and dynamic tool, that can be adapted to various types of businesses, but, to get even more juice out of it, it has to be integrated with other complementary services, in order to achieve a comprehensive and truly efficient solution, that will forever change the way you do and the way you manage your business

We are very serious when it comes to security, and, because of that, everything that goes through our servers, all your Emails, Attachments, Flows, Reports and Company Data are secured using high level SSL encryption and are hosted on state-of-the-art Amazon AWS servers

Our solutions are built on the award-winning Symfony 2 platform, which is the best of its breed, when it comes to performance and security. All our cloud based infrastructure is also built around top services and tools like Amazon and Rackspace

We already have a proven track record and we currently provide Podio services and solutions to various companies all around the world. Check out our Podio Services

Small, medium and large companies all over the world are relying on our Podio Tools & Services, in order to run core aspects of their operations
  • E-res Auto

    E-res Activities is an Auto Repair shop in Brasov, Romania, member of the international auto service chain Auto Check Center, aimed to provide high quality services to its clients and set a new standard for the auto service market.

    So they contacted us back in 2014, being kind of desperate because they were feeling that the business grew so much to the point where they lost almost all control of it

    The central piece of the solution was the CRM which we tailored to fit the exact workflows already in place. Directly connected to it we added a Resource Planning application that let the operation managers plan ahead and schedule all the appointments and tasks in the system using their tablets. The Accounting System was quite a challenge as we had to integrate it with the existing accounting software, also another key element of the business upgraded by us was the HR Management solution

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    "Planning workload for 10 persons was a difficult task to be accomplished via Excel files. Now, due to E-res DBS, it's a lot easier to have a complete overview of the appointments and to schedule work"

    Batranu Ionut - Operations Manager, E-Res Auto

    Key Features

    • Customer Relationship Management
    • The Daily Resource Planning
    • The Accounting System
    • Human Resources Management
  • Moro Broker

    Being present on the Romanian insurance market since 2001, Moro Broker grew to be one of the most trusted insurance brokers in Transilvania, providing services to the whole range of insurances, for all types of clients, from persons to large enterprises

    First thing we did was to analyze and understand their business workflow. Then we decided to implement a Customized Cloud Based CRM Solution that provides the following modules: Customers, Insured Goods, Offers, Insurances, Payments and Claims

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    "Client Portfolio Management turned out to be an easy and pleasant task working on our new CRM. It simply pushed our business to the next level."

    Tudor Morosan - General Manager, Moro Broker

    Key CRM Features

    • Automated Workflows
    • Intranet Functionalities
    • Team Calendar & Dashboards
    • Employee Tasks Management
    • Automatic Payment Alerts
    • Automatized Insurance Renewal Procedures
    • Automated Escalation for Procedure Failures

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